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Yousef Amiri is a senior full-stack developer for industrial processes, graduating in software engineering in June 2006. His activities are focused on production control and planning subsystems, warehouse inventory, supply chain, product quality control and tracking, industrial monitoring, inquiry and sales systems, and industrial Internet of Things platform (IIoT).

Currently, he is researching and developing a multipurpose platform called hesBot.
Briefly, hesBot is a 3 layers IIoT platform including:
Perception layer
Sensors, arduino, raspberry pi programmed by C++ or Python.
Cloud layer
MQTT broker, rest api webservice and database management.
Application layer
Single-page app (SPA) using blazor server. hesBot platform ...


Cryptographic ideas

A personal encryption system has always occupied my mind since I was a teenager. A script that can be used to encrypt and quickly recover personal information.
This idea led me to invent some special designs and use the latest version of it until today.
This system helped me to have a unique way of protecting data, passwords and recording sensitive information.
This is a valuable legacy that I have carried into my career today.

Yousef Amiri has managed to get a software registration certificate from the Supreme Informatics Council of Iran

Top Softwares

IMSOF Software


IMSOF is a software for production planning, downtime analysis, operator performance and production process control. This software is designed as a web application, which means it can be run on a tablet to easily process the information of production stations in industrial environments.

PipeProtection Software

Pipe Protection

A software for coating systems with statistics panels. Pipe Protection manages the operations of storing raw steel pipes, coated pipes, sending pipes to clients, performing quality control, material consumption and inventory of materials and supporting more than 20 types of pipe coatings.

Sales Intelligence Software

Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence is an application for managing pipe and coating marketing and sales process. Archiving and reporting client inquiries, support for the steel pipe market, pipe coating market, fittings and field joint market and market analysis reports are its capabilities.

Coated Sand Software

Coated Sand

Coated Sand is an application for managing the casting coated sand process used in industries. Managing the processes of loading raw materials, production, loadout, registering and tracking the orders in the factory, and preparing various reports from each of the steps are the some of capabilities of this software.

IMS Portal

IMS Portal

An organization portal that allows employees to classify and share files and documentation in separate organizational units. IMS, Network Documentation, Human Resources, and Training in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements are some of the features of the IMS Portal.

hesBot IoT-based hydroponics

hesBot Hydroponics

A platform for automation, control and monitoring of hydroponic forage production based on hesBot network.
The network's sensors communicate wirelessly with the dashboard implemented in Cloud and the Telegram bot, notifying events and receiving commands.

Legacy Projects

Yousef Amiri has developed various software on various platforms.
Among these, the "Pooiandegan" multimedia software has won the first prize in the festival of interactive school software

oil client transaction
Oil Client Transaction
car card
Car Card
Clinic Gostar
Clinic Gostar
xeronia panel
Xeronia Panel
net check
hesBot Telebot

This is a prototype of an IoT device developed by Yousef Amiri. Telebot can collect peripheral data by IoT sensors and send it to Telegram.
This device is equipped with a variety of internal sensors and cameras and can notify events. It is also possible to send commands to it through the Telegram bot. It is able to check the status of servers and network devices and inform the network administrator. It can be used in server rooms and all kinds of protected rooms.

hesbot telebot by Yousef Amiri


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